Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's More Than A Braid

I just put a french braid in Winona's hair!!!!  I can't believe it.  It seems even more unbelievable that I did it at 9PM.  I never thought in a million years that my hands would allow me to do my daughter's hair just as my grandmother and mother did mine many years ago.  As soon as I completed putting the band in her hair, I squealed with so much excitement.  I quickly stood up and gave Winona a hug that almost caused her to spill her apple juice.

When she was a toddler, Steve always did her hair because my hands didn't allow me to do so.  He was the one who put their hair in ribbons and pigtails for major holidays and professional pictures.  I must add that he did a great job.

I was never even able to hold a pencil at night to take a phone message down.  How is it possible that God has given me such a wonderful gift?  He has given me one more way to put a smile on my daughter's face.  This is one of the happiest nights of my life.

It's also necessarily for me to thank Tonia for teaching me how to do a french braid this weekend.  Now all I have to do is practice and in no time I will be doing their hair for special occasions, just like a mother should.


  1. you made me cry....again! so excited for you : )

  2. Hugs and love.... Hope you had a beautiful birthday!!!

  3. goosebumps . . . . and great job!