Friday, April 18, 2014

Glad To Be Wrong

Four years ago, I sat in a wheel chair as my brother wheeled me in for the doctor's visit that changed my life.  When I entered that room, I was shaking from spasms, couldn't walk, could barely move my arms and had no desire to speak.  I was exhausted from simply living my life.  

I left that appointment with a prescription for L-Dopa.  I never anticipated that the medication would work and wasn't going to have it filled.  My husband reminded me that I had nothing to lose and urged me to take the first dose as soon as we got home.  

About 2 hours later, I felt stronger than I had in months, if not years.  Yet, I still didn't believe that my life was about to change.  I have never been so happy to be so wrong!!!  

Good Friday and Easter will never be the same for me.  It is the time that I focus my attention on all that God has given me: caring parents, supportive brothers, fun children, etc.  I just never thought that mobility would be added to that list. 

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