Saturday, November 23, 2013

'Tis The Season

This upcoming Christmas will be my third year celebrating the holiday with my new diagnosis.  I still have a hard time understanding that I can shop alone and wrap gifts in record time.  Don't hate, me, but I'm nearly done with my shopping and I've wrapped 90 percent of it.  I don't do it because I like to be ahead of the game.  I do it because I fear I won't get it done in time.

The old me had to rely on family taking me to the mall to purchase gifts.  I had to do all my shopping prior to Thanksgiving because I phsyically couldn't manage the mall after Thanksgiving.  Driving a big mobility scooter through crowded paths at the mall just doesn't mix.  As for wrapping, it took be a minimum of ten minutes to wrap each gift.  After three or four gifts, my hands couldn't do it any longer.  I just couldn't manage cutting and don't even get me started on the tape! 

This past week, I was beginning to feel stressed that I hadn't started to wrap the girls presents.  Christmas is closer than it seems. Even though I know I'm capable of completing the task, my mind feels like it's the old me (and can't do it on my own).  So, while John napped, I wrapped.  Before I knew it, I had wrapped a dozen gifts in under two hours!  Me. Alone. By myself!!!  

I am so blessed that I can manage the holiday's on my own, but honestly it's not important what's under our tree.  It's the people I get to share these moments with that matter most.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracle Doctor

I never cared for going to the doctor, until I began seeing Dr. Nance 3 1/2 years ago. She gave me a life that I never dreamed of and I look forward to seeing her every six months.  She's always thrilled to watch me walk and tell me how she thinks it's improved since the last visit. And I love sharing my new adventures with her.  In fact, I should have made her cupcakes!

Life is a gift and I am grateful that Dr. Nance has been placed in my life.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1600 Blessings

My friend Tasha Schuh wrote an amazing memoir this past year that I think is definitely worth sitting down to read.  When Tasha was 16 she fell through a trap door during the rehearsal for her school play.  She fell 16ft, landing on the concrete floor which left her wheelchair bound.

With all of the changes she had to endure, Tasha focused on the positive things in her life.  Tasha is currently a motivational speaker, giving inspiration to others on a daily basis (including me).   I feel honored to know this strong woman and feel that I need to help her reach an important goal of hers.

This month marks the 16th anniversary of Tasha taking her last step backward.  She has asked that everyone post at least 1 thing that they are grateful for on her Facebook page. Her goal is to have 1600 Blessings posted to her page by the end of November.  Since we are all very busy, I've attached the links for you to post your blessing AND to order Tasha's book.  Thank you!

Post your blessing:

Read Tasha's Blog:

Order Tasha's book:

Monday, November 11, 2013


A couple days before Halloween I bought a pair of really cute boots.  The kind of boots that make you feel beautiful and confident.  I thought they looked great with my  jeans and they even had a one inch heel.  I'm not sure if I've ever been happier about a clothing purchase...until today.

As I walked next to Sharon in the school parking lot, my ankle twisted to the side.  Next,  my legs gave way and my chin kissed the sidewalk making my sunglasses bounce out of reach.   Memories of my teen years came back in a flash and I popped myself back to my feet,  even though my ankle, knee and wrist knew better.  With a quick look to left and then the right, I told myself that no one saw me biff it, because then it must be true.

So as I sit here and blog my embarrassing story, I have to ask myself, "Do I wear the adorable boots again?"  I can't  help but want to wear something other than a walking shoe.  Maybe I can teach myself how to walk in the heel little by little.  Or, I can wear them when I'm with Steve and take his arm like the women do in the movies.  Then I think about what I tell others:  appreciate the little things in life.

Four years ago, I would have given anything to be able pick my child up from school alone.  Now I can.  It doesn't matter to her what shoes I wear.  So, should it matter to me?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The First Snowfall

Ok, so it's snowing.  I know most of you are thinking something along the lines of, "Not yet!" The thing is, we can't complain about the snow if we choose to live in Minnesota.  Right?

Back in the day, I couldn't walk in snow and I couldn't take my mobility scooter out in the snow for risk of getting stuck.  That meant, I was confined to my home unless my mom or Steve took me out.  Nowadays, I can make a snowman, go sledding and even drive in it.  

There are a lot of benefits to living in this Winter Wonderland and I would love for you to focus on all of the positive aspects.  For example, there is nothing better than sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa while watching the beautiful flakes fall from the sky.  Yes, your morning commute is going to be doubled, if not tripled.  When you get to work, don't give in and talk about how horrible your drive was or how cold it was standing at the bus stop with the little ones. It's a gift that you can do it!
This was taken last April (yes APRIL!!!) at my parents home and I think it's breathtaking.  
 Instead, I urge you to say something positive about the change in season.  I bet your co-workers or friends will follow your lead and the day will seem much brighter.