Monday, November 11, 2013


A couple days before Halloween I bought a pair of really cute boots.  The kind of boots that make you feel beautiful and confident.  I thought they looked great with my  jeans and they even had a one inch heel.  I'm not sure if I've ever been happier about a clothing purchase...until today.

As I walked next to Sharon in the school parking lot, my ankle twisted to the side.  Next,  my legs gave way and my chin kissed the sidewalk making my sunglasses bounce out of reach.   Memories of my teen years came back in a flash and I popped myself back to my feet,  even though my ankle, knee and wrist knew better.  With a quick look to left and then the right, I told myself that no one saw me biff it, because then it must be true.

So as I sit here and blog my embarrassing story, I have to ask myself, "Do I wear the adorable boots again?"  I can't  help but want to wear something other than a walking shoe.  Maybe I can teach myself how to walk in the heel little by little.  Or, I can wear them when I'm with Steve and take his arm like the women do in the movies.  Then I think about what I tell others:  appreciate the little things in life.

Four years ago, I would have given anything to be able pick my child up from school alone.  Now I can.  It doesn't matter to her what shoes I wear.  So, should it matter to me?

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