Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1600 Blessings

My friend Tasha Schuh wrote an amazing memoir this past year that I think is definitely worth sitting down to read.  When Tasha was 16 she fell through a trap door during the rehearsal for her school play.  She fell 16ft, landing on the concrete floor which left her wheelchair bound.

With all of the changes she had to endure, Tasha focused on the positive things in her life.  Tasha is currently a motivational speaker, giving inspiration to others on a daily basis (including me).   I feel honored to know this strong woman and feel that I need to help her reach an important goal of hers.

This month marks the 16th anniversary of Tasha taking her last step backward.  She has asked that everyone post at least 1 thing that they are grateful for on her Facebook page. Her goal is to have 1600 Blessings posted to her page by the end of November.  Since we are all very busy, I've attached the links for you to post your blessing AND to order Tasha's book.  Thank you!

Post your blessing:

Read Tasha's Blog:

Order Tasha's book:

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