Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We received a wonderful baby gift from one of the girls on Steve's basketball team.  Cute bodysuits, shirts and denim overalls.  As I held up the overalls, I couldn't help but think how adorable they will look on my boy in just a few short months.

After a minute or two, I realized that I couldn't have had my child wear this before my new diagnosis.  You see, it has snaps that would have been far too difficult for my hands to not only unsnap, but re-snap after a diaper change.  This time around, it won't be a big deal.  I'll be able to dress this baby in whatever I want. I no longer have to sop and think, "can I get this on the baby."  What a gift!  In more ways than one.

My only problem now is that I'm too excited to wait and see this baby in his cute clothes (that I will put on him all by myself) !!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slow Down?

I had to go in to see my OB doctor Friday because I was having issues with being light headed and short of breath.  I thought maybe my blood pressure was low, but it turned out that everything is fine.  She suggested that I drink plenty of water, eat every two hours and try not to stand for long periods of time.  Finally, as she was walking out the door she said, "And you need to slow down."

When the comment was made I laughed out loud and said, "I never would have thought that a doctor would be telling me to slow down!"  This seemed comical to me.  Growing up, I was never able to do a lot at one given time.  As an adult, previous to my diagnosis, I was never able to do too many chores in one day no matter how much needed to been done.  What I wanted to do and what I was capable of doing were always two different things.

As difficult as it's going to be, I will take my doctors advice and slow down.  I only wish that she had known me before so she could see how different my life is now.  Plus, I think she'd understand why I thought her comment was so funny.  As soon as I left the clinic, I had to call my mom and tell her that for the first time in my life I was told to "slow down". So, for the next three months I will have to enjoy the little things in life at a bit of a slower pace.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Helper

It feels wonderful to be able to help others.  Yesterday, I drove around delivering Girl Scout cookies to those who had ordered them from my girls.  When I had finished that task, I had to go to the Cookie Cupboard to pick up more cookies for our troop.  There was a little bit of a fiasco, but I'll spare you the details.  What I will tell you is that by driving around town and going to a couple different locations, I was able to solve the problem on.  

It felt great to help out my co-leader.  She didn't have to run all over town because I was able to do it for her.  Just two years ago, I couldn't even take my daughters to Girl Scouts.  I had to plan and arrange to have either my mom or a friend take them to their fun meetings.  I LOVE that I can not only take my daughters where they need to be, but I am also a leader and a huge help to another mom.

I feel like I'm finally able to give back to society.  I'm more than willing to do whatever I can to help out.  My whole life I needed the help and wonderful people were there for me!  You never know what curve balls life is going to throw your way and what your abilities will be in ten years from now or for that matter next week.  Things happen.  Accidents happen.  Don't take things for granted while you are able to do them.  Life is a journey that we all take together.  Therefore, we all need to be there for one another and give a helping hand.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Give A Little Bit

Yesterday was such a busy day filled with activities that I could not have done a year ago.  I was able to go pick up a car load of Girl Scout cookies and then carry them all into my co-leaders house.  Even with my pregnant belly I was able to do it, which put an even bigger smile on my face.  Afterwards, I picked up my daughters and their two friends from school.  The five of us relaxed for awhile and then it was off to church classes (that I help teach).

I was really busy yesterday, but it feels wonderful to be the one giving help rather than receiving it. It really is better to give than receive!!   Life is great!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pass It On

Wow, I feel like I got so much done today.  I cleaned the girls bathroom, helped them with their bedroom and made taco dip and artichoke dip for the football game this afternoon.  Of course we started the day off at church.

Now that I have my new diagnosis, it seems like I get choked up quite often during mass.  I have so much to thank God for (even things that most mom's hate to do).  Believe it or not, it is a gift to be able to clean a toilet. That may sound funny, but it is so true.  When I clean the bathroom these days, I don't worry about falling face first into the bowl.  That my friends, is a gift!  :)

I wonder how many other people are out there living their life with the wrong diagnosis?  Is there another mom who is trying to change her daughter's diaper, but her arms won't allow her to because she has Dopa Responsive Dystonia?  Or maybe there's a little girl who wants so desperately to ride a bike, but her balance is too off.

Please pass this blog onto your friends and family so we can try to get the word out about DRD.  Hopefully, we can educate at least one person and they to can begin to live a life similar to mine.  All you to do is press the  +1 button and/ or click the Facebook Share button that is located just below this entry.