Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pass It On

Wow, I feel like I got so much done today.  I cleaned the girls bathroom, helped them with their bedroom and made taco dip and artichoke dip for the football game this afternoon.  Of course we started the day off at church.

Now that I have my new diagnosis, it seems like I get choked up quite often during mass.  I have so much to thank God for (even things that most mom's hate to do).  Believe it or not, it is a gift to be able to clean a toilet. That may sound funny, but it is so true.  When I clean the bathroom these days, I don't worry about falling face first into the bowl.  That my friends, is a gift!  :)

I wonder how many other people are out there living their life with the wrong diagnosis?  Is there another mom who is trying to change her daughter's diaper, but her arms won't allow her to because she has Dopa Responsive Dystonia?  Or maybe there's a little girl who wants so desperately to ride a bike, but her balance is too off.

Please pass this blog onto your friends and family so we can try to get the word out about DRD.  Hopefully, we can educate at least one person and they to can begin to live a life similar to mine.  All you to do is press the  +1 button and/ or click the Facebook Share button that is located just below this entry.


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