Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The First Snowfall

Ok, so it's snowing.  I know most of you are thinking something along the lines of, "Not yet!" The thing is, we can't complain about the snow if we choose to live in Minnesota.  Right?

Back in the day, I couldn't walk in snow and I couldn't take my mobility scooter out in the snow for risk of getting stuck.  That meant, I was confined to my home unless my mom or Steve took me out.  Nowadays, I can make a snowman, go sledding and even drive in it.  

There are a lot of benefits to living in this Winter Wonderland and I would love for you to focus on all of the positive aspects.  For example, there is nothing better than sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa while watching the beautiful flakes fall from the sky.  Yes, your morning commute is going to be doubled, if not tripled.  When you get to work, don't give in and talk about how horrible your drive was or how cold it was standing at the bus stop with the little ones. It's a gift that you can do it!
This was taken last April (yes APRIL!!!) at my parents home and I think it's breathtaking.  
 Instead, I urge you to say something positive about the change in season.  I bet your co-workers or friends will follow your lead and the day will seem much brighter.

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