Friday, September 14, 2012

Up High

I've got to make this a quick post, because I'm a woman on a mission!  :)

This past Spring we got new kitchen cabinets to give us more space in our small condo.  Today I decided that I needed to start putting our holiday decorations away.  I started with the Halloween decorations, so I thought I'd put them up on the highest shelf of the tallest cabinet.  I set all the items on the kitchen table, grabbed a chair to put in front of the cabinet and then looked at the shelf above me.  I nervously grabbed on to the back of the chair, took a deep breath and climbed onto the seat.  I am afraid of heights and have not yet had the chance to put thing up in high places.  The fear of falling was defiantly  there, but I knew I just had to do it!

Reaching above my head while standing on the chair was not an easy task, but you know what?  I did it!!  I didn't have to wait and ask my 6'7" husband to do it for me.  It's an amazing feeling to know you can do so many new things on your own.  I have come such a long way in this past two years.  In fact, when I first began taking my new medication I felt like I was going to fall backwards all the time.  Why, you may ask.  I felt like I was going to fall backwards because I had NEVER stood up straight.  The first 30 some years of my life was spent standing leaning forward.  So, as I write this entry, the tears are stinging my eyes because I am so incredibly grateful that I can not only stand straight, but I can do it standing on a chair!  

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