Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Grand Prize

Over my lifetime I have taken several beach vacations, but my recent visit to Puerto Vallarta, that I won on a local television show, was like no other. As a child walking on a sandy beach was nearly impossible and sightseeing wasn't enjoyable (unless I used my scooter)   Once again, my limbs surprised me and  allowed me to enjoy activities that I never imagined possible. Rather than a long post describing it all, I thought I would share a simple list with all of you.

I was able to:

1.  Walk a mile on the beach

2.  Walk with ease to dinner every night (in low heels)

3.  Play beach volleyball for two hours (this one is my favorite)

4.  Stand on the unstable sandy beach and talk to newly made friends 

5.  Carry drinks for both me and Steve from the snack shack back to our lounge chairs

6.  Cut my own steak at dinner

7.  Walk out of a bar intoxicated (not so proud of this one, the bartender made my drink super strong, but it beats being carried out of the bar like I was on my 21st birthday).  

8.  Easily take my one piece swimsuit off so I could use the bathroom

9.  Get ready for dinner on my own (shower, put hair up, apply makeup)

10.  Walk with out any trouble on our city tour

These are just a few things that made my trip so memorable.  I know that they aren't Earth shattering and most people do all these things without giving it any thought.  For me though, everything on this list is a miracle.  Yes, I won a wonderful vacation, but the real prize is being capable of everything I listed above.  

Giving Thanks

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