Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Cooking Fool

I can't believe that tonight I cooked for nearly two hours!  I made a yummy Chinese dinner of Cashew Chicken, Fried Rice and White Rice.  It was so nice to be able to dice the onions and garlic and stand over the hot stove as I cooked my family dinner.  Before my diagnosis, it took everything I had to open a can of soup or prepare Kraft Mac'n Cheese.  In my first year of diagnosis, I realized that I could bake cupcakes and make a frozen pizza.  It brings tears to my eyes as to how far I have come in my cooking abilities.  Plus, tonight's dinner was really delicious.

I must add that this has been quite the learning experience for me as well.  Prior to my diagnosis, Steve did ALL of the grocery shopping.  When I began to grocery shop, there were things on my list that I didn't know what they were much less where it would be in the store.  Thank goodness for Google!!!!

In the past three years, I have learned how to manage my cooking time and can now cook more than one dish at a time.  I've become quicker at dicing veggies and no longer over cook the meat.  I feel so fortunate to have the physical capabilities to make more than a boxed dinner for my family.  The meals I make now days really are made with love because I'm not frustrated with physical challenges that had slowed me down for years.  My life will never be the same and I am proud at how far I have come in the past three years.  I look forward to seeing what else I will serve my family and friends.  I truly believe that anything is possible!!

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