Friday, April 20, 2012

Exhausted, Yet Grateful

Well, I'm nearly nine months pregnant and very tired.  The laundry doesn't cease and the family still needs to eat dinner.  Yet,  I am still able to do it!  As the family and I watched a movie tonight, I was asked to make popcorn. At first I thought, "You've got to be kidding me."  Then I thought back to when I was pregnant with Winona over ten years ago.

Back when I was pregnant with Winona, Steve had to drive me to and from work because I could not do so myself.  He would bring me back to our one level Georgia home, help me into my pajama's, give me a quick dinner and then he would head off to Atlanta for his graduate classes.  As for me, I would have to spend the rest of the night in bed, because I physicality couldn't move any more for the day.  This was a really difficult time for me, but I not only made it, but I brought a wonderful girl into the world by doing so.

So, even though I didn't feel like making popcorn, I did;  because 10 years ago Steve took care of me without any complaints.  Everyday is a gift and I must give thanks for being able to make my family happy on movie night at the Abbott's.

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