Monday, April 30, 2012


As I begin my ninth month of pregnancy I have noticed an increase in my DRD symptoms.  This morning my right hand has been giving me more trouble than usual.  I think I have dropped my car keys three times and I spilled a glass of lemonade (all before 11am).    Just call me "Butterfingers!"  I've even noticed my hands cramping up and I never had issues with that in the past.  

I can't help but think the reason for this is my lack of sleep.  My body doesn't make enough Dopamine so I need to supplement it with medication.   With my increase of weight, I won't disclose the details of that ha ha , I think the medication must not be enough to really take care of my issues.

The good news is that I only have about three weeks left and then I can hold my little boy in my arms.  It will totally be worth everything I've had to experience in the past few months.  We are all so very excited!!

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