Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Than Just a Pony

The other day Sharon asked me to put her in a pony tail for school.  Gladly, I had her sit down with me and did her hair.  To most mom's this would be a chore.  I was delighted that I could hold a brush with ease and wrap a rubber band into her hair.  Not only was I able to do it, it looked really cute!

When the girls were toddlers I wasn't able to do their hair.  It was always left up to either my mom or Steve. I never got to enjoy putting piggy tails in their hair.  The fact is their too old for that now and I missed out.  Of course, you know me; I have to look on the bright side.  My husband is the BEST at doing little girls hair!  I don't think there are too many dads that can put a pony tail in their daughters hair and my husband can even do braids!

I know the girls won't look back and say, "my mom never did my hair."  Instead, they will look back and know that their dad did a wonderful job making sure they left the house looking as cute as can be and I think that's wonderful.

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