Friday, November 23, 2012

First Black Friday

I had ever experienced a true Black Friday until last night!  Oh, my goodness, that was quite the evening.  My friend, Kate, and I arrived at Walmart before they opened.  To say it looked like a zoo would be an understatement.  We stood back away from the crowd do prevent being trampled when the opened the doors. I was on a mission to find video games at a fantastic price.  We slowly made it back to the video game department only to find out that none of the games were there.  They were all back at the front of the store in the Produce Section!  Really???  By the time we were able to get back to the front of the store, they were all gone.  I figure this is all part of the learning experience.  Kate and I shopped around the store and had a lot of laughs especially when we saw the guy who brought a lawn chair so he could camp out by the tv that wasn't going on sale until 5am!

When we left the store, it was bitter cold and slippery from the snow.  We walked to the car like little old ladies hanging on to one another making sure we wouldn't slip and fall.  From there we headed to Target.

Target was much more normal.  Even though we got there an hour after they opened, I got what I wanted!  We only shopped there for about an hour and headed for home.

The entire evening I kept thinking how lucky I was.  In the past, I couldn't walk at night and walking in crowds would have been impossible.  I had a really fun time this evening with a good friend.  Now I can cross one more thing off of my bucket list!

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