Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This morning I got the best workout of my life!  I took the class Bodyflow at the YMCA.  It has a little bit of Yoga, Thi Chi and Pilates all rolled into one.

I've been wanting to take this class for quite awhile (I bought my mat over 3 months ago).  My thought was that this would be a great class for me to work on my balance and tone my muscles at the same time.  Before the class began, I spoke with the instructor to let her know that I have balance issues and to not be concerned if I didn't attempt all of the poses.  I am happy to say that I participated in it all (with some adaptions).

By the end of class my legs were quivering and I'm now wondering if I'll be able to move tomorrow.  :)  But, hey, I did it!  And I look forward to continuing on with this class and watching my balance improve over time.

Thanks to my friends. Leann and Laura for joining me!!!

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