Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paralyzed By the Snow

As the snow falls from the sky and the clock shows that the girls will be home soon, I can't help but think about the days when weather like this confined me to my home.  Before my correct diagnosis, once the winter hit, I wasn't able to meet the girls at the bus stop and walk them home.  My scooter didn't have good traction and would likely get stuck in the snow trapping me in my home.

Winona and Sharon would run the one block home from their stop because they were so scared of the neighbors dog, which was never tied up.  The dog didn't chase them often, but when it did, my heart would break and I would feel as though I had failed as a mom.  How could I not protect them? 

I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but being a mom to Winona and Sharon is the most important thing to me (and of course now John).  At least now, thanks to new medication, I can be the mom I want to be day and night.  Life is Grand.

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