Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Girl Scout In Me

Tonight was Winona and  Sharon's bridging ceremony.  Sharon went from being a Daisy to a Brownie and Winona went from a Brownie to a Junior Girls Scout.  Before we left, my mind went back to the night I bridged from a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout.  I remember that I didn't really want to go to the ceremony.  I was too nervous to walk across the bridge if front of all the parents and grandparents.  My parents made me go and I did just fine. I made it across the little bridge and received my Girl Scout wings. 

This evening was so different from that night over twenty years ago.  As the co-leader of Winona's troop, I had to stand in front of the parents and grandparents and speak.  I didn't get emotional until it was time for me to take each girl's hand and walk them across the bridge.  By the time I walked the tenth girl across the bridge, I thought to myself, "I can't believe that I'm doing this, at night, in front of people."  Tears welled in my eyes just as it was time to congratulate the Junior Girl Scouts with applause.  

So, I can't help but wonder if all those people think that I'm just a crazy, emotional, Girl Scout leader.  There were only a handful of parents that know "my story"  The rest of them don't have a clue that a little over a year ago it would have been a chore for me to get to this ceremony and I would not have been able to assist in any way.   

I will remember tonight as long as I live, just like the night nearly twenty five years ago.  Only this time, it will ALL be happy memories.

Mom and Dad,
Thanks for making me participate in that bridging ceremony many years ago.  It was an important night for many reasons, but most of all it helped me to really appreciate the special gift that I was given tonight.  Thanks for always having faith in me.  I love you both!


  1. Bravo and congratulations! Keep making good memories!

  2. Wonderful! I could immediately remember Jenny's bridging ceremony in Columbus, GA. Ahh, beautiful memories. Thank you for being a co-leader for the Girl Scouts, Jean.