Friday, August 5, 2011

A Helping Hand

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with my emotions this morning.  My life has changed so much this past year.  I can do everyday tasks so much easier than I ever thought possible.  More often than not, I was dependent on others for help.  Last night was different.  I was given the gift of being able to help another mom.

Winona and Sharon were invited to a birthday pool party last night.  I offered my help to the parents and found myself assisting them for the duration of the party.  I helped pour soda, pass out the pizza, re-filling the snack dishes, etc.

My mom has always been the person to come help run my daughter's birthday parties because I wasn't able to do much at all to help.  I usually had to sit in a chair and watch my mom and Steve do all the running during the parties.  I always felt blessed to have planned my girl's parties, but there's just something about actually being able to do the "mom duties"

In March, Winona and Sharon had a combined sleepover, birthday party.  I was able to get the pizza ready, run the games and get the kids to bed.   Steve helped me quite a bit and my mom didn't need to come at all, because I had faith that I could do what I needed to do.

Birthday parties are a lot of work, but it is worth every bit of it.  When we give a child a fun birthday, we are creating memories that will last a lifetime.  I have so much to thank God for.  I just hope He knows how much I appreciate the life I have been given (even the years with the physical challenges).


  1. Dearest Jean, not only are you thanking God for your new capabilities, but you have been consistently giving thanks for your family. Oh, what wonderful lessons you are living for your children. You live and model your faith!

  2. That's wonderful that you are able to do the "mom duties" now and actively participate in the birthday party stuff.

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