Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thankful Beyond Words

Once again, I was overcome with so much joy.  My niece, Mikaela, chose me to be her sponsor for her Confirmation.  I met up with her and the rest of my family at the Cathedral of St. Paul.  The beauty of the church alone is enough to stir up emotion in me, but knowing I had the ability to walk around among the hundreds of people and be a part of Mikaela's Confirmation brought tears to my eyes.

I love her so much! 
Fourteen years ago, I went to Mikaela's baptism.  I had difficulty standing and sat for most of the day.  As I stood behind her in the long line waiting for her turn to be Confirmed last night, many thoughts swam through my head:    How did she grow up so fast?  How can I be standing here in this long line independently?  I'm wearing sandals and I'm not worried that I'll walk right out of them (or fall).  And then I felt the presence of God as a bright light shone above me.  All I could do is pray for Mikaela and give thanks for the life He has given me.

I made her this carrot cake.  

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