Friday, August 16, 2013

Second Chances

My oldest daughter, Winona, is only two weeks away from beggining  middle school.  Yesterday, I took her to school to get her class schedule and locker assignment.  I couldn't help but feel excited and nervous at the same time.  I'm excited for Winona because she will do great, but I felt the nerves because middle school was a difficult time for me.

One of the things I struggled with in junior high was my ability, or should I say inability, to crack the code on my locker.  No matter how hard I tried, I rarely got it unlocked on the first try.  So, when we got to Winona's locker yesterday, I had to try and unlock her locker so I could prove I could do it.  I turned the dial three times to get each number just right.  And like magic, it opened!  I looked at Winona and beamed.  I felt like I had just conquered the world!

As I think back to the middle school locker and the numerous times I failed to get inside it, I realize that I probably couldn't keep my hands steady enough to acuratly stop at the correct numbers.   Everytime, I went to my locker I hoped that I would get in without any trouble.  I was so lucky that the janitor would be near by to help me get in to it. Yes, the janitor.  He was my angel those first few weeks of junior high and prevented me from being late to all my classes.  Sure, things may not always be perfect, but they always work out.

I have to wish Winona luck as she goes into the sixth grade.  I know that she will do great!!! I should add that Winona got into her locker on the first try  and is confident that she will have no problems with her locker on her first day of school.

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