Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking Care of Myself

Everyday that I am able to step into the shower I feel blessed.  Bathing has always been a chore that did not come easily and often ended with me asking for help.  Not until recently, I always had to wash my hair in the sink because my balance didn't allow me to do the task standing in the shower.  I would depend on my mom or my husband to wash my hair for me.

Showering independently is one of those things that I'm sure many people take for granted.  It was always one of those things that I dreaded, but now I can do it without anticipating my next step in the process.  I can stand in the shower and not worry about whether I will fall and hurt myself.  I am actually to the point that I can see why many enjoy showering after a long stressful day. It's funny that I never knew it could be relaxing, not to mention a break from the kiddos!

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