Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Good Reminder

Days like today are a great way for me to remember where I have come from.  It's also a good way to remind myself that it is essential that I get an adequate night of sleep and stay as stress free as possible.  Last night I only got a a handful of good sleeping hours.  If I don't get at least nine hours of sleep I really notice that my hamstrings become stiff and sore.  Don't get me wrong.  It's not nearly as bad as it was before my new diagnosis.  However, after a poor nights sleep I really notice that my balance is off and my limbs are fidgety. That's when I take a good look in the mirror and tell myself to slow down and listen to my body!

My brain doesn't produce Dopamine like "normal" people.  Our brains make Dopamine while we sleep and my brain doesn't seem to do what it should.  Therefore, it is out of necessity that I get a long nights rest AND take my medication.

In the past if I got a bad nights rest like this, I would need to spend most of my day propped up in a chair or simply go to bed.  I never knew any thing different.  It was just a way of life for me.  In fact, even if I did get adequate rest, my brain still did not produce enough Dopamine to last me the day.  My body would become more spastic and weaker as the day went on.  Leaving me dependent on others.

In my new life, I know that I need to take a nap the day after a poor nights rest.  It's not because my eyes are tired.  It's because if I don't rest, my arms will twitch, my balance will be off and my legs tight. Life is a gift and  I need to take care of myself.  After all,  I'll take a physically bad day of my "new life" over any really good day of my "old life."


  1. I would be wise if we all paid attention to our bodies. We all have messages we could benefit by heeding. Thanks for your reminder.

  2. I am so happy for you. God works in all kinds of ways. Having Narcalepsy and the catalysis when I awake, sleep has always been weird for me because 10 minutes is like 8 hours but I also have to realize it is not 8 hours. Someone told me to put a bar of IVORY Soap in my bed to help with my leg problems. Honesly it works. I read the back of a bar it reads 1 bar/pain? Imagine. Just thought I would share.