Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crowded Walks

This weekend Steve and I took the Girls to the Wisconsin Dells.  We stayed at a Lodge that has three water parks that are connected to the hotel.  The plus side is that you never have to face the bitter cold.  The down side is that we had to walk long, crowded hallways, up and down stairs to get there.  Each and every time I walked to get to a new destination I was amazed that I was doing it. I must have walked five miles on Saturday!

 In the past, it was nearly impossible for me to walk anywhere near others walking. If someone gently brushed up against my shoulder it would have caused me to lose my balance and tumble to the ground.  Two years ago, I would have had to bring my scooter to this lodge because there would have been far to much walking for me to handle. In fact, tonight my calves are sore.  :)

I am exhausted from the weekend, but feel so blessed that this experience was so much easier than it would have been for me not long ago.  Life is good!

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