Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gotta Be Strong

Every Wednesday evening I help teach Sharon's religious class.  Tonight we  learned about reconciliation and went to view where the kids will confess their sins to the priest.  While I was walking to the confessional with the group of children a fellow parishioner (whom I've never met before) stopped me and asked if I am strong.  I had to think about that for a second.

"Kind of, " I answered.  "It depends on what you need."

He said that he needed help carrying a candle from the back of the church to the gym.  I figured that I could handle it without any problem and I followed him back to the church.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the candle that he was asking me to carry.  It was about 3ft tall and 4 inches in diameter.  He handed it to me  and I'd say it weighed about 30lbs.  Plus, it was awkward.

Just as I was about to walk with it, he informed me to be careful not to tilt it.  Apparently, the top is filled with oil.  Then he joked, "Father will be really mad if you drop it cause it's a $500 candle.  If you do, you'll have to be come a Lutheran."  No pressure!!

I slowly carried this cross for a long three minutes from the back of the church to they gym.  My left wrist and bicep  were burning.  Even though I was concerned that I'd spill the oil from top of the candle I knew that I could do this and even felt close to God in doing so.

Two years ago, no one would have ever asked me to help carry anything.  They would have been offering to help carry me!  It felt great to help someone with a task that they couldn't do on their own.  I also find it funny that this guy that I helped out tonight has no idea that I used to use a scooter  and the idea of carrying a tiny votive would have freaked me out much less a candle that's half as tall as me.  This is going to make me smile for quite some time!


  1. It really is the little things that are big things isn't it? This made me smile. Thank you.

  2. Every time I think about this I laugh, for so many reasons!

  3. I am smiling from ear to ear! In fact, my face hurts -- but that's a great thing this morning, dear Jean. Ann is correct, you are strong!