Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Special Dinner

I've been dealing with a bad cold all week and have pretty much taken a vacation from cooking.  Because I could hardly hold on to anything without dropping it, we've had pizza, pot pies, corn dogs and I'm sick of it!!

I'm still not back to where I need to be, but since I got a pretty good night of sleep last night, I decided that my family needs a real meal tonight.  In just a little bit, we will be sitting down to BBQ spare ribs, baked potatoes, corn bread and apple crisp for dessert.

Since my new diagnosis, I have really enjoyed cooking.  I guess that's why it's so difficult for me to sit on the couch when my DRD tells me to.  We may be eating well tonight, but I know from past experiences that tomorrow my body will be shot and I'm okay with that.  Today, it was more important to me that my husband and kids eat a non processed meal.

I'll just end this post by saying that I never thought I'd be able to cook for my family and find it such a blessing that I can do it with ease, even if that mean a difficult day for tomorrow.

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