Saturday, January 18, 2014

Princess Jean

You know how all of the fairy tales start out by saying something like not long ago in a far off place?  That's how I feel about my entire life!

Today has been a very busy day, yet I decorated Winona's birthday cake without hesitation.  Sure, I wasn't able to get a good primary red, but I was able to put hundreds of stars on a cake and magically turn it into a One Direction dessert that any 12 year old would love.  But honestly, all that matters to me is that one particular 12 year old loves it, and she does!

This  cake may not be perfect, but it was made with not only love, but appreciation for being able to complete a task that I never dreamed possible.  When I look at this cake, I can't help but be grateful for the hands that allowed me to complete this craft.  However, I can't help but think about the woman I used to be and how she dreamed about the day she could make her daughter a dream cake.  I never thought that I would have the capabilities to spend hours making anything for my first born daughter, yet here I am admiring something I created.

To say, I am thankful would be an understatement.  Because the tears are on the verge of falling, I can't find the words to express how I feel on this particular evening.  All I can say is that I hope I don't ever wake up from this enchanted dream that I now call life.

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